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Trees From Above

When you seek help from a mental health therapist, you’re vulnerable. You’re opening up about issues you may never have discussed with anyone else and putting it all on the table. With conditions such as depression, anxiety or post-traumatic stress disorder, your therapeutic relationship could last weeks, months or longer. So it’s important that your therapist is not only professional and competent, but also the best fit for you.

15 things to Look for:

Treatment style, personal chemistry and your individual goals all play a role in making a good patient-therapist match. Here’s what to look for when choosing a therapist and assessing whether your therapist-patient relationship is still working out over time.

  1. Basics

  2. Practicalities

  3. Comfort and trust

  4. Empathy, understanding, and listening

  5. Impartiality

  6. Personal mesh

  7. Chemistry

  8. Therapy type

  9. Communication style

  10. Goal-setting

  11. Signs of progress

  12. Feedback loop

  13. Cultural connection

  14. Inner motivation and commitment

  15. Evolving relationship


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